We're investing in the future of market research by creating a panel source the industry can trust.

Panel sourcing may be one of the most overlooked, yet critical factors when evaluating sample quality and trustworthiness of gathered results. Panel management is both science and art. The science is made up of protocols, which increase representativeness, identify and prevent fraud, and utilize practices to reduce bias. The art, equally as important, considers the entire user experience to ensure engagement with the panel and surveys in which users participate.

Today, many panels are run using a “metrics first” approach where the cost of panelist acquisition and relative revenue generated become the foundation on which panels are built. While we understand this philosophy, we don’t share it.

We build our panel 100% in-house from a wide cross-section of the internet using a multitude of advertising channels and messaging strategies. We recruit a diverse pool of people from all walks of life to represent the variety of opinions in the world today.

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